Selim Acar
Chairman of Executive Board
Acarsan Holding

I have always aimed to reach the best and highest levels since I started my career in 1977. A part from our own work field, we have been proggressing in various sectors which have the potantiel of important upgrowth by being loyal to our goals.

Our Company which is departing from the concepts of trust and guarantee has been one of the leader institution of industry with the approaches of attaching importance to custumer demands, becoming a brand and current sense of manufacturing.

We are going forward by adopting innovation which is the sustainable milestone of success day by day. Along with taking sound steps on this path, we have been maintaining our achievements by taking courage from our partners, employees and customers by giving importance to manufacturing and technology since 1977.

We have been growing steadily. We will continue to move on in accordance with our main principles without giving up our basic values. We have been acting with the vision of leadership in the sectors and countries where we have been performing since the first day our company was founded.
We are going on with attitudes of honesty, principles, ethics, responsibility and sensitive to environment as we did in the past and we are trying to transfer this understanding from one generation to other generation.

Halit Acar
General Manager / Member Of Board
Universal Acarsan

Dear Stakeholders, Customers and Employees, As Acarsan Holding, we are moving forward with confident steps in the construction and construction sector as well as many other sectors. We create perfect projects in Turkey and abroad under the umbrella of Universal Acarsan and offer high quality living spaces and facilities beyond our dreams.

Together with our great team of dedication and perseverance, we aim to ensure that every society can easily access health services and facilitate all processes with high technology thanks to our fully-equipped hospital projects abroad. With these special projects we undertake every detail from A to Z, we underline our expertise and understanding of perfection and always strive to do better.

With the Iconova project, which is the symbol of our endless determination and determination, we are proud to receive many awards in national platforms and in Gaziantep. We aim to become the new face of Gaziantep with the modern architecture of Iconova. We plan contemporary, environmentally friendly, safe and intelligent living spaces using all the possibilities of technology.

Without compromising our corporate values; we are synthesizing our dreams with faith, determination, motivation and success and we are putting our signature on life areas with high welfare level.

In order to achieve our goal in all of our projects, we will proceed and proceed on the way we know right under the guidance of our corporate lines and values. We are grateful to our employees, customers, business partners, managers and all institutions and organizations that have carried out our Holding for many successes with many years of labor and contributions.