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Our company, based in Gaziantep, was set up with the participation of Acarsan Group and Universal Group in 2008. Both companies as our participants are the leading companies in their own sectors in Turkey. Universal and Acarsan have been successfully operating in health, construction, automotive, production, food and export sectors for years.

Our company, ranked within the top 500 companies in every field it operates, works hard to be one of the best in Turkey in construction and health sectors.

Our goal as Universal Acarsan is to be an innovative, leading and reliable company that offers quality service and correct business solutions with a highly qualified team, draws attention with its operational achievements, and develops itself in the direction of the developments in the world.

Our company conducting large-scale projects on the international platform such as hospitals and health complexes is growing more and more every day by being backed by the vast knowledge of its expert staff and participants. The key to success of Universal Acarsan underlies the cooperation of the qualified staff in the fields of management, design and application. High quality standards are implemented to be provided with the help of technology in every stage of the project conducted. Additionally, our company aims to be a worldwide leading company in its own field by integrating innovative ideas for the development of the sector.

Our company, which sets its goal on continuous growth and development, considers transparency as priority value during the entire business processes, and it is increasingly growing every day by making no concessions from these values. We are really glad to provide contributions to the national economy during this developing process.

Our company, which supports several fair organizations, is the main sponsor of Iraq Fair, which is held in Gaziantep every year. Universal Acarsan is a company that is well aware of its social responsibilities as well as its commercial activities.

Universal Acarsan has a rich corporate structure and human resources with its various areas of expertise. All the areas of activity comprising the rings of the chain work in coordination and integration with each other. Loyalty to the corporation and effective teamwork are the most dominant values among our employees. All the activities conducted are supported by continuous development programs. Thus, the sustainability of corporate development is provided.