Gaziantep Head Office

Our Gaziantep Head Office under the supervision of our chairman of the board of directors, Mr Selim Acar, is responsible for general management, strategic planning, management organization, projects, financing, planning and research, procurement supply, mobilization, logistics, law, human resources and public relations.

Our Head Office in Gaziantep consists of the following units:
  • Project Planning Department
  • Logistics Department
  • Informatics Department
  • Public Accountant Office
  • Finance Department
  • Law Departmentt
  • Purchasing Department
  • Human Resources
  • We also have three contact offices in Istanbul, Cizre and Zakho.

    Baghdad Office

    Baghdad office, which is our official branch in Iraq, is responsible from executive studies in Iraq, following up the construction, logistic and administrative works at sites and the communication with the governmental branches.

    Our expert engineers, who are the masters at their own field, serve at the following departments:
  • Technical Consultancy department
  • Finance and Administration Department
  • Construction Site Control
  • Logistics Department
  • Public Enterprises Department